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  3. Secular evolution processes in galaxies – Matías Blaña

Secular evolution processes in galaxies – Matías Blaña

In this talk I invite you to hear an overview of collaborative projects that explore dynamical processes that drive secular evolution processes in galaxies. In the first part we will see the main properties of barred galaxies and how these substructures can drive internal processes in disk galaxies and co-exist and transform other substructures such as classical bulges. We will explore the results of modelling the observations of our beautiful neighbour the barred Andromeda (M31) galaxy, which will help us in modelling the Great Barred Galaxy NGC1365 in the Fornax galaxy cluster. In the second part we will explore how satellite galaxies can evolve as they are accreted into their host systems. In particular, we will first focus on the entry of pristine and backsplash satellites in the Milky Way, where I model their galactic orbits and hydrodynamical interaction with the Galactic corona. And finally, I will present to you our latest results analyzing the dynamical and photometric properties of the satellite galaxies in the Fornax galaxy cluster, finding a transition radius that reveals two regions of satellites with different properties, a substructure that is also reproduced in cosmological galaxy simulations. Moreover, exploring different environments we also find a similar transition radius in the Virgo galaxy cluster, and in the satellites of the Milky Way and the Andromeda galaxies.

Horarios: June 20, 2023 15:30

Publicado por: Claudia Aguilera


junio 20, 2023

schedule 3:30 pm - 4:30 pm
place Lugar

Seminar Room, Institute of Astrophysics, Campus San Joaquín.


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