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Los profesores del Instituto de Astrofísica realizan múltiples investigaciones que se detallan a continuación:

  • Aguilera, Claudia (Ph.D. Universidad Católica de Chile, Chile): Stellar structure and evolution, Stellar characterization and abundances, Lithium in the universe, Planet-star connection
  • Barrientos, Felipe (Ph.D. University of Toronto, Canadá): Evolution of Galaxies and Clusters of Galaxies; Gravitational Lensing.
  • Bauer, Franz E. (Ph.D. University of Virginia, EE.UU.): Black holes (stellar, intermediate, supermassive); Galaxy + SMBH formation and evolution; X-ray binaries and ULXs; Supernovae and exotic transients; Gravitational Wave/Multi-messenger events.
  • Catelan, Márcio (Ph.D. Universidad de Sao Paulo, Brasil): Stellar Evolution; Globular Clusters; Variable Stars.
  • Chanamé, Julio (Ph.D. The Ohio State University, EE.UU.): Stellar dynamics: dark matter, black holes, gravitation, galaxies, star clusters; Stellar structure and evolution: theory and observation; Milky Way structure; Galactic stellar populations; Galactic archaeology and the Local Group; Wide Binaries.
  • Clocchiatti, Alejandro (Ph.D. University of Texas at Austin, EE.UU.): Supernovae; Cosmological Distance Relations.
  • Dünner, Rolando (Ph.D. Universidad Católica de Chile, Chile): Experimental Astronomy and Instrumentation; Large Scale Structure and Cosmology.
  • Galaz, Gaspar (Ph.D. Université Paris VII, Francia): Stellar Content in Galaxies; Low Surface Brightness Galaxies; Statistical Properties of the Galaxy Distribution; Galaxy Evolution; Morphological and Spectral Classification of Distant Galaxies Observational Cosmology.
  • Jorge González-López (Ph.D. Universidad Católica/Heidelberg University): Galaxy formation and evolution, Gravitational lensing and distant galaxies.
  • Guzmán, Viviana (Ph.D. Université Pierre et Marie Curie, Francia): Astrochemistry; Interstellar Medium; Star-forming Regions; Protoplanetary Disks.
  • Infante, Leopoldo (Ph.D. University of Victoria, Canadá): Large Scale Structure, Galaxy Formation and Evolution; Large Surveys.
  • Puzia, Thomas H. (Dr. Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität München, Alemania): Galaxy Formation and Evolution; Star Cluster Systems and Stellar Populations in Galaxies.
  • Tissera, Patricia (Ph.D. Universidad de Córdova, Argentina): Computational astrophysics; Models and Simulations of the Formation of Galaxies.
  • Treister, Ezequiel (Ph.D. Yale University, EE.UU.): Formation and Evolution of Supermassive Black Holes.
  • Zoccali, Manuela (Ph.D. Università di Padova, Italia): The Galactic Bulge; Stellar Populations; Chemical Abundances; Galactic Globular Clusters; The Initial Mass Function.