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  3. Astrophysics with CMB-S4 – Felipe Menanteau

Astrophysics with CMB-S4 – Felipe Menanteau

Observations of the cosmic microwave background (CMB) have played an essential role in shaping our understanding of the history, evolution, and contents of the universe. CMB surveys planned over the next decade, including those with Simons Observatory and CMB-S4, will map the microwave sky with unprecedented precision. I will describe how CMB-S4, in addition to significantly advance the sensitivity of CMB measurements and enhance our understanding of the origin and evolution of the universe, will open a new window of discovery for transient and variable phenomena in astrophysics. CMB-S4 will provide a unique platform to conduct a wide-field time-domain survey in the millimeter wavelength band, covering over half of the sky every day. Expected sources include tidal disruption events, nearby supernovae, X-ray binaries, and classical novae. The combination of high sensitivity and wide area for CMB-S4 will open a new window for time domain astronomy and multi-messenger astrophysics. CMB-S4 plans to build a set of Small Aperture Telescopes (SAT) in the South Pole and Large Aperture Telescopes (LAT) in Chile. I will discuss how the astrophysics community in Chile can participate and benefit from this new project.

Horarios: March 14, 2023 15:30

Publicado por: Claudia Aguilera


marzo 14, 2023

schedule 3:30 pm - 4:30 pm
place Lugar

Seminar room, Institute of Astrophysics, Campus San Joaquín, PUC. ZOOM (upon request)


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