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  • How to get to the IA
    • Taxi: tell the driver to go to the Campus San Joaquin of the Universidad Católica in Vicuña Mackenna 4860, Macul.
    • Subway: The Campus San Joaquin is in the subway station with the same name (San Joaquín) in the Line 5 (green line). If you are coming from Las Condes or Providencia, take the subway Line 1 (red line) to San Pablo. Switch to Line 5 (green line) in Baquedano station (one floor down). Take Line 5 in the direction of Vicente Valdés station; San Joaquin station is the eighth from Baquedano. The price of the Metro ticket depends on the time of day. Pay attention to peak hours (07: 15-09: 30/18: 30-21: 30) because you must take the express trains (Red Route) otherwise you can not get off at San Joaquín station. Please make sure you do not go to the Universidad Catolica station which is on Line 1. At that station is the main house of the University and it is not the campus where we are located.
    • How to get to school once the entrance to the campus? From the main entrance , where there is a statue of Jesus, go to the end of the road, where you will find a church of modern architecture. Then go 100 meters to the right until you see the building of the Institute of Astrophysics .