24 June 2020

Nature Magazine highlights UC Astrophysics Institute's Golden Webinars

The successful series of online talks for general public included Nobel Prize, Gruber awards and authors of important theories that are revolutionizing the discipline.

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In the "Nature Briefing" section of the digital edition of Nature Magazine corresponding to June 24, the "Golden Webinars in Astrophysics" were highlighted, an unprecedented event in Chile for the  Astronomy Outreach to the general public, in which nearly 11 thousand people participated during the week of June 8-12.

With the support of the CATA and the PUC's Vice-Rector's Office for Research, the initiative brought together internationally renowned researchers -some of whom have been awarded the Nobel Prize in Physics-, allowing thousands of people to access cutting-edge knowledge in astrophysics from the mouths of its very protagonists.

Nature's senior editor, Flora Graham, wrote: "The Astrophysics Institute of the Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile has just completed a successful cycle of online talks - and now they are all online for us to enjoy. The series includes Nobel laureates James Peebles and Didier Queloz, Gruber Prize winners Sandra Faber and Volker Springel, and Mathematica's creator Stephen Wolfram on his "new fundamental theory of physics. All will be translated into Spanish.

The chapters, translated into Spanish by interpreter Patricio González Guzmán, are now available on the Astrophysics Institute's YouTube Channel, with links to both languages.