This Solar Eclipse, and Others: Science and Spectacle (Prof. Jay Pasachoff; Williams College, Williamstown, Massachusetts, USA)

Desde Junio 27, 2019 13:15 hasta Junio 27, 2019 13:45

En Instituto de Astrofísica, Pontificia Universidad Católica, Vicuña Mackenna 4860, Santiago, Chile

Categorías: Seminarios

As a veteran of 34 total solar eclipses and 70 solar eclipses in all, I will summarize our recent scientific work at eclipses. We have high resolution images, comparison of images with theoretical predictions based on magnetic-field measurements, emission spectra of high ionization lines, and radio observations. As chair of the working group on solar eclipses of the International Astronomical Union, I will describe international coordination.

Previous eclipses that I observed from Chile include the 1994 totality from the mountains above Arica, at which we worked with University of Chile professor Hector Alvarez, and the 2010 eclipse from Easter Island. I will describe our plans for the forthcoming eclipse, for which I just received a research grant from the US National Science Foundation, and for eclipses thereafter. On July 2, I will have one group of researchers and students observing from the centerline north of La Serena, and four of our team observing from the Cerro Tololo Inter-American Observatory, as well as related instrumentation on a plane flying out of Easter Island.