POSTPONED: The Southern Photometric Local Universe Survey (S-PLUS) (Dr. Fábio Herpich; University of Sao Paulo)

Desde Mayo 23, 2019 13:15 hasta Mayo 23, 2019 13:45

En Instituto de Astrofísica, Pontificia Universidad Católica, Vicuña Mackenna 4860, Santiago, Chile

Categorías: Seminarios

The Southern Photometric Local Universe Survey (S-PLUS) is a Brazilian-led project that comprises imaging 9300 square degrees of the celestial sphere in twelve optical bands using a dedicated 0.8m robotic telescope, T80-South, at Cerro Tololo, Chile.  The telescope is equipped with a large-format camera, with a field-of-view of 2 square degrees, with a plate scale of 0.55"/pixel. The survey consists of (1) two non-contiguous fields at high Galactic latitudes, which together cover an area of 8000 sq. degrees and (2)  two areas of the Galactic Plane and Bulge (for an additional 1300 square degrees). S-PLUS uses the Javalambre 12-band magnitude system which includes ugriz broad-band filters and 7 narrow-band filters centred on prominent stellar spectral features: [OII], Ca H+K, Hdelta, G-band, Mgb triplet, Halpha and Ca triplet. The combination of a Wide FoV telescope+camera and choice of filters will allow the study of a large number of scientific topics, from Solar System to Cosmology. In particular, S-PLUS will deliver accurate photo-zs, providing a map of the local universe. It will also allow the study of star formation and stellar populations in and around the Milky Way and nearby galaxies and search for quasars, variable sources, and low-metallicity and carbon-enhanced metal-poor stars. In this talk, I will present the survey and I will highlight its usefulness for different science topics of interest to the community.