Gas flows around galaxies with MUSE (Nicolas Bouche; Institut d'Astrophysique et de Planétologie - Toulouse)

Desde Octubre 31, 2017 13:15 hasta Octubre 31, 2017 13:45

En Instituto de Astrofísica, Pontificia Universidad Católica, Vicuña Mackenna 4860, Santiago, Chile

Categorías: Seminarios

Galaxies are expected to loose their baryons from galactic winds and acquire new fresh material from the intergalactic medium. How much gas is being lost is an outstanding question in observational cosmology. Thanks to the MUSE VLT instrument, one can now put new constraints on gas flows around galaxies using absorption or emission techniques. In this talk, I will present recent results from the MUSE-GTO program on the circum-galactic medium.