Filling in the Gaps - The Inter-galactic Medium Through Cosmic Time (Rich Bielby; Durham University)

Desde Mayo 25, 2017 13:15 hasta Mayo 25, 2017 13:45

En Instituto de Astrofísica, Pontificia Universidad Católica, Vicuña Mackenna 4860, Santiago, Chile

Categorías: Seminarios

Studies of the Inter-Galactic Medium (IGM) have been given significant boosts in recent years with the advent of new instruments on the ground and in space. The Cosmic Origins Spectrograph has provided fuel for research into the nature of the Circum-Galactic Medium (CGM) in particular at low-redshift. Complementary to this, MUSE on the VLT has boosted research at z>3, in particular revealing massive gaseous structures around z~3 QSOs. I will give a brief review of recent work at z<1 and z~3, with a slant towards the relationship between large scale structures and the IGM. Intertwined with this, I'll provide a look at how new instruments and techniques are allowing us to develop a clearer and more complete picture of the CGM and IGM, both interms of spatial distribution and across cosmic time.