13 March 2017


The faculty staff of the Institute of Astrophysics conduct multiple investigations that are detailed below:

  • Barrientos, Felipe: Evolution of Galaxies and Clusters of Galaxies; Gravitational Lensing.
  • Bauer, Franz: AGN and Galaxy Demographics, Growth, and Evolution; Radio to X-ray Extragalactic and Galactic Surveys; Nearby SNe and XRBs; Gravitational Wave/Multi-messenger events.
  • Catelan, Márcio: Stellar Evolution; Globular Clusters; Variable Stars.
  • Chanamé, Julio: Wide Binaries; Stellar Evolution.
  • Clocchiatti, Alejandro: Supernovae; Cosmological Distance Relations.
  • Dünner, Rolando: Experimental Astronomy and Instrumentation; Large Scale Structure and Cosmology.
  • Galaz, Gaspar: Stellar Content in Galaxies; Low Surface Brightness Galaxies; Statistical Properties of the Galaxy Distribution; Galaxy Evolution; Morphological and Spectral Classification of Distant Galaxies Observational Cosmology.
  • Guzmán, Viviana: Astrochemistry; Interstellar Medium; Star-forming Regions; Protoplanetary Disks.
  • Infante, Leopoldo: Large Scale Structure, Galaxy Formation and Evolution; Large Surveys.
  • Padilla, Nelson: Large Scale Structure Simulations and Observational Surveys.
  • Puzia, Thomas H.: Galaxy Formation and Evolution; Star Cluster Systems and Stellar Populations in Galaxies.
  • Treister, Ezequiel: Formation and Evolution of Supermassive Black Holes.
  • Zoccali, Manuela: The Galactic Bulge; Stellar Populations; Chemical Abundances; Galactic Globular Clusters; The Initial Mass Function.