The Universe in a Stream: Challenges and Progress of the ALeRCE Broker (Dr. Francisco Forster; CMM, Universidad de Chile)

From September 10, 2019 15:15 until September 10, 2019 16:30

Categories: Coloquios

To effectively connect the astronomical follow up infrastructure with a new generation of large etendue survey telescopes such as ZTF or LSST there is a need for a new type of instrument: the astronomical alert brokers. I will review the challenges and progress of building one of these systems: the Automatic Learning for the Rapid Classification of Events (ALeRCE) astronomical alert broker. ALeRCE ( a new alert annotation and classification system led by an interdisciplinary and interinstitutional group of scientists from Chile and the US.ALeRCEis focused around three scientific cases: transients, variable stars and active galactic nuclei. In this talk I will discuss some of thechallengesassociated to the problem of alert classification, including the ingestion, annotation, database management, training set building, distributed processing, machine learning classification and visualization, or thechallengesof working in large interdisciplinary teams. I will show some results based on the real?time ingestion and classification using the ZTF alertstreamas input, as well as some of the tools available. Interested users are central to this project and are welcome to guide and/or contribute to our development efforts.