26 October 2015

Graduate programs in Astrophysics: apply now!

The Institute of Astrophysics opened the process to apply to the master's and doctoral programs, both accredited by the CNA.

With the purpose of training senior researchers the Institute of Astrophysics opened a new round of applications for its graduate programs: Master in Astrophysics and PhD in Astrophysics.

One of the main comparative advantages of the graduate programs offered by the Institute is that future graduates will have advanced training in physics applied to astronomical phenomena, critical skills and research experience with the intention that in future make full use of scientific infrastructure existing for astronomy in Chile.

If you are interested in applying for any of the programs of the Institute of Astrophysics you can do it at the email postgrado@fis.uc.cl


Master: from May 22 to June 8 to start in August 2018.

Doctorate: from October 2 to 26 of 2018 to start in march of 2019.